New leaf for Cage the Elephant’s

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 The wait is over for fans of Cage the Elephant! Cage the Elephant’s new album, Melophobia, has been released on Oct. eighth of this year. This album took an unexpected turn compared to their last two studio albums.

Ten total songs are on the album that will move fans with the different beats and fast paced notes. The alternative rock group guides fans through Melophobia with their first single off the album, “Come a Little Closer”. Then, taking a turn on the slower side with the song “Telescope”. Matthew Shultz closes out Melophobia with his smooth voice and lyrics in “Cigarette Daydreams”. The unexpected sounds of guitar played by Lincoln Parish will shock and surprise fans when moving from track to track. The Strokes had an influence on Cage the Elephant’s with their song titled “Take It Or Leave It”. Tilted the same as The Strokes song off of their first album. Jared Champion’s upbeat and fast paced drum playing guides fans through “Take It Or Leave It”. The strong vocals in the chorus of “Take It Or Leave It” will have fans moving their bodies to the raw sound of  Shultz voice. With the help of backing vocalist, Daniel Tichenor, all of the songs fit well and suit his voice.

Not only is the album abstract and different music wise but the artwork of the album is too. With the variation of colors portrayed in the drawing it draws music lovers in and appeals to the eyes. The white and black stripes set the mood of the album and balances out the abstract drawing in the middle.

With the four star rating and reviews on the album it’s hard not to find something to love about it. Cage the Elephant’s are back with a new and unexpected album appealing to their fans. A new tune and sound from Cage the Elephant’s is turning out to be a good fit for them.