Too much homework can rot brain

Too much homework can rot brain

Students have so much going on after school that they should not have homework all the time. Kids these days are always encouraged to get outside and be active, but how can they when they are tied down with homework all week.

 While students are at school they are usually waiting and counting down the seconds until school get outs. However, when they hear the word “homework”, they know that they’ll be forced to finish their schoolwork at home, which stresses a lot of kids out.

Honor students are usually given two to three hours of homework a day and sometimes even more than that. Their homework comes from classes like biology, English, civics and so on.

Academic students are usually given 1-2 hours of homework a day, and they can receive even more than that. Their homework comes from the same classes, but at a steadier pace than the honor classes.

All these kids have homework that takes away from their time of getting up and being active. In an hour to three hours, a kid could play a game of football, shoot basketball, play kickball or even just take a walk.

Students that think they receive too much homework, create communities where students complain about how they can’t finish their homework because it’s so hard and how they think it should be banned. They even talk about how homework stresses them out, and drives them crazy. Some students don’t even do their homework, because they know it takes to long and is too frustrating.

The School Board has to make a decision. They should either make classes longer so that kids don’t need to take their work home or get rid of homework so that kids can get out and be active. If they don’t, kids could start giving up on school altogether, and not put forth any effort. It’s a hard choice, but somebody has to make it.