Weather causes late start to track season

The winter weather affected the track team. With the cancellations, delays and temperatures the track team missed their whole first week of track practice for the ninth grade team.

 The track team was supposed to start their track season on March 2. Due to the harsh weathers and temperatures, the track coaches cancelled the practices. The girls’ track coach is Melissa Nedimyer and the guys track coach is Damon Luciano.

The coaches aren’t the only ones upset. Molly Kibbler and Haden Boutilier who are distance runners for the track team had some thoughts to say about the late start to the season.

 “Personally I was actually happy the season started late because I was getting over an illness that would have prevented me from attending the first few week’s practice. Also, I don’t think having practice start at regular time will make much of a difference in the team’s performance at the meets,”  Molly Kibbler, a ninth grade distance runner said.

 Another distance runner, Haden Boutilier had similar feelings but a different thought.

 “The late start to the season may put us a little behind but that will make the team want to work harder and push themselves a little more,” Boutilier said.

 With the local schools that the track team competes against may or may not have started on time. They may have an advantage but it comes downs to hard work.

 “I think the other teams have a small advantage over us because they started earlier, but not enough to make a difference in the meets. If we all just work as hard as we can, we will make up for the lost time,” Kibbler said.

 “They may have a little bit of an advantage over us, but it takes a whole team effort to win,” Boutilier.

 Other than the weather affecting the athletes and their late start,the track they run on could be a problem as well. The track has been slushy and affecting them.

 “The slushy track has has not made any difference at all in my running personally because they had us run on the track when it was slushy. Now, the track is cleared and running conditions are perfect,” Kibbler said.

 “Being a distance runner, I haven’t spent much time on the track and more time on the road. The weather has made it a little harder to work and get things done but once it dries up everything will be good. I know for the throwers its a little inconvenient because they practice on a field and it takes a while for the field to dry but they are still doing well,” Boutilier said.

Despite the harsh winter weather and the late start, the track team is looking forward to a successful season.