Dude, where’s my bus?


The school transportation is not getting here on time

Caden McMaster, Reporter

At the junior high the school day starts at 7:35, and if the students are not here by then they will be marked late. This may sound fair because the doors open at 7:00 and most students are at the school and wait in their holding areas for the bell, but this is a problem with some students because their bus is comes in late and the students lose precious school time. Transportation times need to be reliable.

From personal experience, I know buses just come to my stop really late. My bus picks me up at 7:00 and then picks up the other kids, and we should usually get there around 7:25. Some days this isn’t the case because my bus will come at 7:05 and will take forever to get to the school. It’s a race against the clock for me trying to get to first period. Recently, I have been getting here at 7:32, and I try my best to hurry up and get to class.

In recent winter months most kids who live in the Ebner area more or less can’t do most things that students who get dropped off or get an earlier bus to the school can. Students like me can’t have breakfast in the morning without eating in the bus. I have also missed out on some extra credit opportunities for other classes such as helping with cleaning or other projects.

I have been yelled at and had to get a late pass because of my bus arrival time. I am starting to think the weather is not really affecting the bus, and the bus drivers are just not getting to the stop when we need picked up. I really hope that next year the school will take action to get kids a healthy breakfast and arrive to school without a rush.