Students should be allowed to carry phones

Kaya Newell, Reporter

In this day in age, a vast majority of teenagers own cell phones.  When students go to school, for over seven hours a day, they are not allowed to carry any type of cellular device on them.  

This school year there have been 54 students who have gotten an Audio Visual Violation.  The first consequence for carrying an audio device in school is one day of in-school suspension.  During this time, students are missing class. This can lead to them missing important information.  If students were allowed to have their cell phones in their possession during the day, this would lead to fewer students getting in trouble.  This would also help the attendance in the classes.

Allowing students to carry their cell phones in school would also benefit classwork. Students would be able to use the QR scanner,  the Aurasma app and other apps using a camera since this is much easier on cell phones. This would also make it easier for teachers because it would take less time out of class since they would not be need to get Ipads.

Students would also benefit from carrying their cell phones because they would be able to contact their parents easily.  Students could easily text their parents if they forgot something or if they need to change after school plans. Many students are involved in after school activities and school activities are often canceled because of weather or other complications.  If students were allowed to carry their phones with them during the school day, students would be able to let their parents know if plans were changed or if they need something brought in from their homes .

All in all, students would definitely benefit from being allowed to have cell phones in school. Although people may argue that phones should not be allowed because they may create a distraction or lead students to cheating, there are ways to resolve the problem.  Each teacher could have a rule of when students are permitted to have their cell phones out during class. If students violate the teacher’s set rules on cell phone use in class, then this could lead to a more controlled disciplinary action.