News brief: Students and teachers return full time!


Allison Little

Safety! Students finally enjoy Danish’s class in person. Masks are mandatory and social distancing is being enforced.


There has been much confusion and uncertainty this school year because of the constant changes with Covid-19 and the shifts in our education between virtual, hybrid and in person learning.


With all the impacts throughout this school year and the past, many students have had to find ways to adapt and overcome the lack of consistency and a normal routine in school.


I had the opportunity to interview a student and teacher to see how they were feeling about all the adjustments. “I think it’s a good idea to start returning to school as case numbers decrease and as long as it’s not a risk to anyone to get all the students back full time,” teacher, Andrew Danish, said. 

“Students struggle with the distractions at home, so going back in person helps tremendously,”  Alissandra McMaster said. 


Hopefully, our current model for educating the students can remain open until the end of the year!