LGBTQ+ Issues People Face With Self Identity


Bryana Ayala

Love yourself! Time has no limit when it comes to your identity.

The LGBTQ+ community still faces many challenges and struggles to this day. Although some issues are involved with society, many can be with self-identity.


As someone who’s a part of the community and has multiple friends in the community, I’ve seen the problems first hand. Whether it be snarky comments, conversations I’ve overheard or just straight up slurs, I’ve heard it. Mostly everyone in the community has dealt with fears of coming out or feeling accepted, but there are many other issues LGBTQ+ youth face.


The LGBTQ+ community is a group of people that identify with many different labels that relate to gender and orientation.


Transgender identities have plenty of issues that I could go on and on about, but the biggest would be just feeling like one’s true self. Cis passing is a term used for transgender people who have transitioned and look as though they were born cis (being born as the gender you identify with). It’s a goal that trans people try to achieve, but never fully feel satisfied with due to their gender dysphoria. There’s always a thought of “I could look more feminine or masculine,” or “I still look like a boy or girl; people can tell.”   When it comes to gender-nonconforming people like myself, it can be even harder. There isn’t any certain way to “look” non-binary, so it can be hard to figure out how people want to present themselves.


On the topic of gender identity,  pronouns can be extremely difficult. It can take years to know which ones actually work for you. After figuring out the right ones, not everyone will be accepting of the change. Asking people to use different pronouns can be scary as well. The process is always nerve-racking in my experience. 


Some sexualities have a hard time feeling accepted in the community. Bi, pan, and omni are all very similar labels. While Bi is more of an umbrella term, they all mean they love at least two genders. A lot of the time, people with these identities don’t feel as though they are valid because once they find a partner they’re labeled as gay or straight. That can be extremely harmful as coming to the conclusion of your own sexuality can take up to years. It feels like an important part of ourselves is being ripped away from us.


Although many people say that the LGBTQ+ community has earned equal rights, it just isn’t true. Many countries still make our existence a crime. People are still being beaten up, harassed and killed. Many children are kicked out of their own homes because it “goes against their religion.” I myself have been terrified of being the person I am because of this. Is living in fear really equal rights? 


Being queer can be terrifying, but hiding your existence shouldn’t be the only solution. Although it would be nice to have all homophobia and transphobia disappear, that isn’t very likely. Instead, it’s better to just avoid the harmful people. Trying to find friends that are also in the community can be good as well. If someone ever needs to talk to anyone or if they feel in danger the Trevor Project is a wonderful resource to use.


No matter the person, it’s important to make all identities in the community feel safe and valid.