Students need to find respect


Respect. It’s a word, and it needs to be found.  People are doing things they shouldn’t be, and the only people to see them do it are the people who are quiet and don’t talk much.  People need respect for everyone; they need it for their teachers, principals, lunch ladies, friends, the people who they don’t know and most importantly themselves.  People get into rash fights, arguments, petty things and it’s all because everyone is making their own choices.  People need to make the rift choices no matter who is watching.

Several disrespectful scenarios are played out every day.

 Ever get run over by a tall person?  Their reasoning is they couldn’t see the person, or they weren’t paying attention. These friendly giants who don’t see the small people run into them, push through them or knock them over.  They are just lucky to get an apology afterwards because most of these friendly giants just don’t care.  People should pay attention even if there’s not a person who’s smaller than them in front of them.  It’s not very hard just to look up and watch where everyone’s going.  Everyone needs to work together and make sure they don’t collide with a fellow person.  Sure, everyone is in a rush, but things can happen in a matter of seconds.  Not only should these friendly giants pay attention, but everyone should pay attention.  

 Then there’s the “I think I’m so cool so I’m going to slam this locker even though this person is just opening it or they’re not done yet getting there stuff yet so let’s do it” person. Okay so these people know who they all are in this situation.  They either are the person that knows the person but doesn’t like them and just wants to slam their locker shut, or they are that person who goes up to a random person and slams his or her locker shut.   It’s unknown whether it was on accident or not and if it was they’d just say sorry.  It shouldn’t matter if they are just joking around with  their friends because it sets an example to other kids.  Everyone should stop slamming each other’s locker.  It shouldn’t matter the reason.

 Last there are the “I’m going throw food at you and make sure the teachers don’t see and laugh about it” people.  Everyone knows who they are, and what they have done.  It’s one thing to accidentally drop food, but it’s another to throw food.  It’s not funny; it’s disrespectful.  When those people throw food at that person or whoever they are, do they truly know what they’ve been through?  It’s just causing sadness for them and anything could be going through their mind.  It needs to stop, and we need to work together to do so.

 So how about everyone works together to promote a respectful environment.  To stop, everyone must participate in this to get respect back. Majority rules.  So let’s get out there and promote respect.