New Rowling movie takes viewers on roller coaster ride with beasts

Emily Rentz

The year is 1926, and Newt Scamander has just found an array of magical creatures. Arriving in New York for business, one of Newts creatures escapes and causes disruption in a bank. The creature, which is a Niffler, just had to be attracted to silver and gold and gets Newt in trouble. A small incident including a briefcase switch, with a land full of magical creatures to a bunch of pastries. Jacob, a No-Maj (American for  Muggle), is stuck with the magical briefcase and accidentally lets the beasts out which troubles the wizarding and No-Maj worlds.

Fantastic Beasts is not an all time favorite movie but a must see for any Rowling fan.

Rowling’s British fantasy seems to have lost a chunk of its appeal in being moved to the United States,” A.V. Club blog said.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is filled with adventures, magic, fantasy  and a lot of action.The movie also has lots of different and creative creatures. Some are dangerous, endangered and harmless.

“Fantastic Beasts is whimsically entertaining,”  the NY Times said.

Fantastic Beasts basically has two different plots. One being magical creatures escaping from a briefcase and a teenager turning into a demon and trying to control things so No-Maj’s can experience the horrible sight. If No-Maj’s see any magic they must be obliviated, meaning erased all magic memory.

Newt, who is the main character, is very shy and very protective over his creatures. He will do anything to protect them and care for them. Like Newt, Harry Potter is also very protective of his friends and even risks his life for them. The Harry Potter movies are a way better choice than Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them because there are seven movies in the Harry Potter series compared to one in the Fantastic Beasts. There will actually be a total of five Fantastic Beasts movies!

Fantastic Beasts isn’t the best movie out there but manages to take viewers on a roller coaster ride.