Get Your Head in the Game


Nic Urchick, eighth grade, “takes a knee” in the front of the many basketball trophies.

Athlete of the Week

Many students at the school are very  involved with athletics.  This school is filled with so many “try-hards” and they put their all in anything they set their minds to.  So this week Nic Urchick is being featured as the “Athlete of the Week.”

 Urchick has been working hard and preparing for the upcoming basketball season.  Urchick is on the maroon boys’ basketball team and to “get his head in the game” he stretches on the side and makes sure he gets in good game shots off in warm-ups.  He began playing basketball in third grade and has been in love ever since.  Urchick is very involved in several school sports and puts his 110% in everything he participates in.

He is inspired by his favorite athlete, NBA Star, Kevin Durant.  Though Urchick looks up to Durant as a role-model, he is not what got Urchick engaged in basketball.

“I occasionally went out back behind my house to shoot with my neighbor in his court.  I really enjoyed playing and realized I wanted to join a team; I was not old enough at the time so I waited a few years and began playing when I was 8-years-old,” Urchick said.

Urchick loves being able to participate in school sports; however he has had his fair share of injuries.  He has had a few  sprained ankles and strained knees once or twice.  Urchick says he has also “stoved” his fingers several times.  But to him these are only “minor injuries” and no injury will keep him away from what he loves most.

” Stay dedicated and put your all into everything you do,” Urchick said.