Dress code restrictions cause complications


Flips flops are such a simple and comfortable shoe many people wear. However, they are restricted for “safety restrictions.”

At the school something often talked about is the dress code. There should just be uniforms with all of the restrictions the school board has enforced. Identificaion cards are already a requirement, so what would it hurt to include a uniform as well?

I’ve been told that I’m “crazy” to say we should just have uniforms and many people are against it. But making us wear IDs is already holding back our right to show individuality. So why not go all out and make us all dress the same?

It is often said that the district has made so many restrictions because they don’t want our appearances to have an effect on our education. Which is completely understandable and makes sense, I personally agree. Dying your hair blue or piercing your naval could definitely cause some disruptions. However, all of the rant about not being allowed to wear something as simple as leggings or sleeveless shirts, for example, is ridiculous and creates a huge distraction. Something that “affects my education” is sitting in class and constantly having to listen to people cry about getting a detention, because their skirt was an inch too short.

Our school’s dress code isn’t fair and doesn’t make any sense.